Realtor Referral Fees

Mountain View Property Management will make you a great asset to your customer/client. We have been in the property management business for many years and once your customer/client experiences the professionalism we have to offer, they will thank you!

WE WANT TO MANAGE YOUR RENTAL INVENTORY! Typically brokers/agents are involved with renting and managing property because they feel as if they have to in order to retain repeat sales and listings from their customers/clients.  You do not have to! Send them to us for all of their property management needs, when they are ready to sell the home(s) we will send them back to you! It is an absolute win, win!

WE WILL BUY YOUR RENTAL INVENTORY. Are you tired of the days in court, maintenance calls,  rental collections? We will buy your inventory and relieve you from all of the headache that can comes with managing rental property.

WE PAY LARGE REFERRAL FEES! We will pay from 1-4% referral fees, as explained below.

1%- If you send qualified tenants and they rent. If you refer a qualified tenant and they rent one of our properties, we will pay you 1% of the yearly rent. If rent is $1,000 x 12 months=$12000 x .01%=$120.00

2%-If you show and you rent. You find the tenant, show the listing and get the application. If they are approved and sign a lease with us, you will receive 2% of the yearly rent. If rent is $1,000 x 12=$12000 x .02% = $240.00

3%-If you refer your owners to us for leasing and management services, they sign on with us and the property is vacant, you will receive 3% of the yearly rent, once rented. If rent is $1,000 x 12 = $12000 x .03% = $360.00

4%-If you rent and we manage. If you find a tenant for your owner’s property ans send them to us for management services, we will pay you 4% of the yearly rent. If rent is $1,000 x 12 = $12000 x .04%= $480.00

Referral fees of 3 and 4% will be paid once owner signs a one year management contract with us  and the tenant signs a lease. It’s a win for you and a win for us!